The experimental space of SKLLMD is around 20,000 sq. meter. To support the interdisciplinary optoelectronic research in SKLLMD, we had established six shared experimental platforms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with a total cost over 200M RMB, including physical vapor deposition (PVD) system, dry etching machine, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) system, lithography machine, integrated glove box system, atom force microscope (AFM), molecular structure analyzer, magnetron sputtering system, Ti:sapphire laser amplier, steady/transient state uorescence spectrometer, surface proler, polymer/organic light emitting diode (P/OLED) fabrication and encapsulation system, rapid annealingsystem, spectroscopic ellipsometry and etc. Among these facilities more than 90 equipment worth over 300k RMB.

Name: Magnetron sputtering system and fully-automated physical vapor deposition system
Model: SME-200E
Price: ¥ 7.0 million
Function: lm deposition, including metal, metal oxides, organic compound and so on
  Name: Ultra high resolution ink jet printer 
Model: Jelab2printing
Price: ¥1.42 million
Function:solution printing of OLED device
Name:High precision thin lm deposition system
Origin: Korea
Price: ¥12.2 million
Function: prepare organic, metal and metal compound lm under nano meter via vacuum thermal evaporation technique

Series NO. Name Price/¥ (million)
1 High power metal-jet X-ray source integrated with single crystal diffraction and small angle scattering system 1300
2 High precision thin film deposition system 1200
3 Physical vapor deposition system 970
4 Laser-assisted molecular beam epitaxy system 650
5 High-gain multi-component fiber drawing machine 650
6 Dry etching machine 470
7 Ultra high resolution mass spectrometer 400
8 Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system 400
9 Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope integrated Qplus AFM 400
10 Photo exposure machine 360
11 Dry etching machine 350
12 Biological multispectral photoacoustic tomography system 350
13 Fourier-transform high-field/high-frequency pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance 250
14 Ambient UV photoelectron spectrosopy 200
15 Circular polarization fluorescence testing system 190
16 Thin film thermoelectric analysis system 185
17 Integrated glove box system 178
Series NO. Name Price/¥ (million)
18 Liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry 158
19 Atom force microscope 155
20 Molecular structure analyzer 152
21 Magnetron sputtering system 145
22 Ultra high resolution ink jet printer 145
23 Glove box integrated with thermal deposition system 140
24 Special Gas Dynamic System 130
25 Electroluminescence excited state lifetime test and analysis system 130
26 Glove box integrated thermal deposition system 128
27 Ti sapphire laser amplifier 127
28 Steady/transient state fluorescence spectrometer 127
29 Scanning electron microscope 121
30 Quartz crystal microbalance 120
31 Vacuum deposition system 119
32 Laser-Raman microspectroscopy 109
33 Ti:sapphire laser amplifier 104
34 High temperature gel permeation chromatography 100